Do I really need a coach?

We are about to get into what most people consider the off season and you are thinking about getting into triathlons or you already have done a triathlon or two. OR you’re a runner that is looking to train for their first marathon. OR a cyclist that wants to start to get serious about racing.  You heard about or saw something online about a coach.  But do YOU really need one? Let me tell you some of the benefits of having a coach.

You will make working out a lot less stressful.  Whether you are looking to finish your first race or you are looking to get on the podium for the first time or you want to win your first race, there needs to be a plan laid out to get you there.  Sure, you can Google for a plan or spend hours researching how to put together a proper plan, but why would you want to go through all of that extra unnecessary stress? Which brings me to my next point…

Having a coach will help you build confidence.  How do you know what you are doing is the best plan for you?  Last time I checked, no two people are the same.  So why would you assume that some online sample training plan would be the best for you?   But also, a good coach will explain to you why you are doing your workouts and give you feedback and adjust as necessary based on how your prescribed workouts go.

Life throws a lot of curveballs at you, but you still have goals! Have a meeting that runs long and you weren’t able to get in your hour ride? That happens!  And doing it tomorrow with your other planned workouts is probably not ideal!  Having a coach there to adjust your plans as needed will help you still keeps your goals in target without you having the stress of trying to figure out how to reschedule your life to get in your workouts.

You spend a lot of time working out.  So, don’t you want to make sure you are maximizing the time you have to get results? I know, not everyone wants to win every race.  But if you only have an hour a day to work out, how do you know that the time you are spending working out will maximize your time for the best performance for you? A coach maximize your time for the best performance for you.

Your coach will analyze your workouts.  So, you did a long ride and you aren’t sure why you didn’t do so well on the workout or why you weren’t able to hold the pace for the long run.  A good coach will review all of your workouts and comment on them to help you learn as an athlete and continue to improve.  There are even analytics you both can review to chart performance over weeks/months/years.  Without a coach, you may just be doing what you think is going okay, but missing some key points.

No matter how motivated you are, it is always great to have someone in your corner! We all get there.  There may be a day when you don’t quite feel motivated to do your long ride.  But you remember that your coach will be asking why you didn’t do it.  Sometimes that’s all the motivation one needs to keep them progressing towards their goals.  It is also great to have someone to ask questions to whether it be “what do I put in my special needs bag?” or “what should I do on race morning before my race?” to “what power should I be riding at?”, wouldn’t it be nice to have some have an answer to all of the many questions you will have and keep the working out and training fun? Not to mention, to have the best cheerleader/discipliner around looking out for your best interests!

You have one race that you want to do your best on over all other races of the year. How do you know that you are peaking at the right time? You can’t peak at every single race every weekend!  If you want to get serious about your racing and prevent burnout, a coach can help steer you in the right direction. Not only that, but they can also help you maximize your year to get you to your goals.


There are so many other reasons why you should hire a coach and these are just some of the reasons why you should.  Yes, of course, a coach will have a fee.  But when you look at how much it costs to race, the amount of money spent on the coach is well beyond any monetary figure.  It is an investment in your happiness and success!

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