Personal Training

Claudia is a NASM certified personal trainer.
Complimentary 30 minute phone consultation

Want to rev up your existing fitness routine, break that fitness plateau or simply get started going in the right direction?  Being a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, Claudia will help guide you through the proper training and techniques to safely help improve your fitness.  All while keeping you motivated and committed to your exercise plan.  Claudia will work with you help establish realistic and attainable goals that fit your individual needs, health status and limitations.  She will also add variety to the routines to help prevent boredom or fitness plateaus.!

There are no contracts to sign or sign up fees.

Pre-Built Plans:

Per Session: $75/50 minutes
5/50 minute sessions package: $390
5/50 minute sessions with a partner package: $490
8/50 minute sessions package: $600 (500 in mo)
12/50 minute sessions package: $816 (650 in mo)
24/50 minute sessions with a partner package: $860
24/50 minute sessions package: $1512

Monthly: up to 5x per week $1,000 (750 unlimited in mo)
Year Package: Up to 5x per week: $10,000

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